Sunday, May 14, 2006

Captain Jefferson Hunt

Here is an interesting post from a descendant of our Founding Father, Captain Jefferson Hunt.

Read about a Queen's Deceit.

Monday, May 08, 2006

The Huntsville Glass

This is an article that was recently sent to Huntsville residents. Apparently, it was a little too "controversial" to run in the Ogden Valley News, so we will post it here.


Alternative Huntsville News and Perspectives

Vol. 1 May 2006

I moved to Huntsville a few years ago – although my spouse is a native – to get away from it all. Then I discovered it comes with you anyway! Among many other things, I think we live in one of the most beautiful and special places on earth. But, similar to other small Towns, there are under-currents of things happening that are as numerous and interesting as the citizens who live here. Most are unprintable. And what you do print, you have to be r-e-a-l-l-y careful because there are a lot of Attorneys around here! But I’ll tell you, it was a lot more fun when there was a gossip column running in the old papers – as long as you weren’t in it!. While Huntsville looks like - in all the ways that count, a great little homey, friendly, old-time kind of Town, and there’s pleasant enough histories and anecdotes available for general consumption, the truth is, at times, it can be far different. To some people, the glass is half full – to others it’s half empty. I think it’s useful to see what’s in the glass – and – who drank it, because Huntsville - the character that it is - has it’s share of both going on. Here’s my take:

You know history belongs to . . . the ones who re-write it! And there’s often a wide gap between what the facts may be, and what is written down. Over time – the truth can change - and History has proven that it does. Sometimes it happens in the blink of an eye, like during some of the Town Council meetings I happened to be at, the last couple of months. You see, I had decided since the last election that it was time to be a “concerned and interested” citizen. Boy, was THAT a mistake!

Now, we all know that Huntsville is the only incorporated Town in Ogden Valley since they flooded Swineville over with the Dam. (I think there may be a few people in the Valley who wish it was still there?) Which brings me to another little known piece of obscure History:

Did you know that Huntsville was also one of the few Towns to UN-incorporate in the State of Utah? Factoid you can check out at the Huntsville History Library (shameless plug to come see it). I mean, these are things that are usually hard to get rid of once they’re started! We’ve had a lot of towns just dry up and die in this State, but people got so fed-up with what was happening with this one, and how things were being run around here, that they just up and did away with old Huntsville for a while – which is unique to say the least! Politics or religion, are usually the culprits behind these things. When you talk to the old timers around here, they all remember something different about it, so once again, facts are in dispute. But after events over the last few months, I can see why they would have done it. I’ll explain later.

After being in public service myself for 30 years, as well as taking my turn at just being the public, there are several reasons why folks have a tendency to become apathetic about what’s happening in their community. I don’t know all of them, but I think these might be a few, just because I’ve deployed them myself:

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