Saturday, June 10, 2006

Happy Trails To You!

Passed on from the Huntsville Glass - Alternative news.

HAPPY TRAILS TO YOU . . . UNTIL THE WATER'S GONEI loved Roy Rogers. He’s the only man my husband could ever be jealous about. Roy was special. He rode the range. No one could out-shoot, out-ride, out-rope, out-sing, ‘ole Roy. And there was no faster or more beautiful piece of horseflesh on 4 legs than Trigger.

Let’s be truthful here - admit it - the only reason we put up with Dale Evans was because she was a really nice person, you could tell she loved Roy, and since I couldn’t be with him – age difference of 40 years was important back then – she was as good as anybody.Roy shook my hand, when my Dad held me over the fence with thousands of other kids, when he came to Utah. A week later, my Mom had to drag me kicking and screaming to the sink to finally wash that hand. After all, I touched Trigger too!

Which brings me to the focal point of news from Huntsville:WATER. Click here to read the conclusion

Forms of Government

Several years ago a proposal was made to change our Mayor/Council form of government to a 3 person Commission. Change is a fearful thing, so it quietly died.

Looking over the Town, it seems to take an extraordinary percentage of people to occupy all the various positions, and due to numbers, it’s often been difficult to fill them. While more may be better it also dilutes and often complicates the process. For example, over the years with each change of administration after the elections every two years, it is difficult to know who’s responsible over what, if a problem arises for citizens. Click here to read more