Saturday, June 10, 2006

Happy Trails To You!

Passed on from the Huntsville Glass - Alternative news.

HAPPY TRAILS TO YOU . . . UNTIL THE WATER'S GONEI loved Roy Rogers. He’s the only man my husband could ever be jealous about. Roy was special. He rode the range. No one could out-shoot, out-ride, out-rope, out-sing, ‘ole Roy. And there was no faster or more beautiful piece of horseflesh on 4 legs than Trigger.

Let’s be truthful here - admit it - the only reason we put up with Dale Evans was because she was a really nice person, you could tell she loved Roy, and since I couldn’t be with him – age difference of 40 years was important back then – she was as good as anybody.Roy shook my hand, when my Dad held me over the fence with thousands of other kids, when he came to Utah. A week later, my Mom had to drag me kicking and screaming to the sink to finally wash that hand. After all, I touched Trigger too!

Which brings me to the focal point of news from Huntsville:WATER. Click here to read the conclusion

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